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  Q.1 Tell us something about this site?  
  Q.2 How do you ensure 100% secrecy?  
  Q.3 How do i register myself on your website?  
  Q.4 What are your registration / placement charges?  
  Q.5 How do i search for a jobs?  
  Q.6 How do i apply for jobs?  
  Q.7 I donít have a registration code, what do i do?  
  Q.8 What are job codes?  
  Q.9 How do i get to know the complete details of the Job advertised?  
  Q.10 Which other fields do you provide placements?  
  Q.11 Do you provide placements in Entry level Positions?  
  Q.12 For entry level positions do we need to register any were else?  
  Q.13 I am, a fresher how do i register myself?  
  Q.14 My companyís name is not featuring in the drop box what do i do for registration?  
  Q.15 My no is already registered, what do i do?  
  Q.16 How do i update my personal and professional details?  
  Q.17 Explain frontline consultants?  
  Q.18 I am a non science graduate, can i still apply for Pharma Industry in sales?  
  A.1 www.liteplacement.com  is website of a consultancy firm (LITE PLACEMENT) introduced to have an interface with its candidate base so as to  
    provide them with the details of latest openings handled by us, which the candidate can search and also apply thereby reducing the chances of our missing out on potential candidates also when the candidate registers his profile it becomes a part of our online  database management software  thereby no chances of data loss. It improves our speed and fine-tunes our search  
  A.2 Since its companyís website and not a job portal, hence the data is not shared with the company Its purely for promoting our brand, providing ease  
    to candidate to search for relevant openings handled by us and to improve our efficiency thus providing early solutions to our registered candidates.  
  A.3 From the home page of www.liteplacement.com  
Step 1. Click on Post your Resume (Free)  
Step 2. Fill in the one page Registration form it will take not more that 5 min.  
Step 3. You Should browse your CV and attach the same.  
Step 4. Submit the registration form.  
Step 5. Note down your registration code for future reference and for applying for jobs.  
  A.4 We work with the business model of not charging anything from the candidates  
    NO registration Charges , NO placement charges.  
  A.5 From Current opening Section  
    you can select your functional area and the openings will be visible on the scroll, in order to stop the scroll place the cursor on the posting and the scroll will stop.  
    From Search Job section
you can search jobs in different functional area, position and specialty of that functional area all three fields can be searched independently or in combination, independent search will give better results.
  A.6 First search for the jobs as per your field from search job section, the result will give the list of relevant openings, click on check to apply, fill in your  
    registration code and verification code and click on apply, we will receive a mail that you are interested in the said openings we will match your profile with the requirement of the company and if suitable will call you for further details.  
  A.7 Registration code is generated once you register your profile with us, kindly note the same at your end, it is required to apply for various jobs you  
    are interested in and also in case you would like to update your Personal or professional details.  
  A.8 When you click on job codes you will get complete details of the openings except the name of the company, the same will be shared by our  
    consultants in case your profile matches with the requirements of the said company.  
  A.9 When you click on job codes you will get complete details of the openings except the name of the company, the same will be shared by our  
    consultants in case your profile matches with the requirements of the said company.  
  A.10 We are empanelled with companies for Junior to Top Managers Grade in the field of sales, Brand Management, Training, Human Resource,  
    International, Production and other corporate positions.  
  A.11 Yes, for entry level positions we work through our subsidiary named Frontline Consultants.  
  A.12 NO, you can use the same registration form as there is no separate website for Frontline Consultants.  
  A.13 You can select your functional area, In company select OTHERS which is at the last of the list that opens in the drop box. Select Other in Division  
    and in Current position select Fresher and in Position applied for select the position you are interested in.  
  A.14 Select others which is the last in the list and then write the full name of your company in the box in front of if others same can be done for plotting  
  A.15 It means that your details are already available on our D.M.S.( database management software), you can do the following.  
Try registering with different no (avoid company owned noís), may be of your relatives who can pass on the message to you when we call for
  sharing openings with you.
Call on to our customer care executive, give your name and we will trace your details and update if required and also give you your registration
  no which you can use for future reference or for applying for jobs.
  A.16 If you have your registration code then speak to our Customer care executive quote your registration no share with them your details and it will be  
    updated. Alternatively send us the mail at regoffice@liteplacement.com with your registration code and changes in your profile the same will be updated and you will get the information of the same.  
  A.17 Frontline consultants is a subsidiary of LITE Placements which handles only entry level positions.  
  A.18 Yes, there are few companies who prefer taking Non Science graduates in sales.  
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